PacesetterGirls on the Run is seeking women leaders to help support our program goals and inspire the girls, volunteers and families we serve. Pacesetters is a group composed of remarkable women who are leading families, businesses, organizations, teams and government institutions. You are making the tough decisions, challenging the status quo and boldly setting the pace for our girls.

Your leadership and $100 contribution qualify you to be listed as a 2016 Pacesetter on our website and in our annual report. Pacesetters will receive our monthly newsletter, invitations to special events and opportunities to connect and network with other women leaders in our community.

Will you help us support and inspire the next generation of joyful, healthy and confident female leaders?

Do you know other women leaders that are positive role models for the girls in our community? Please invite them to contribute or make a donation in “honor of” or in “memory of” a leader who has helped pave the way for us and we will add them to our list of Pacesetters.

Yes, I’d like to be a Pacesetter for Girls on the Run


2016 Pacesetters

  • Kim Quimby
  • Sandy Handler
  • Michelle Rider
  • Laurie Ellison
  • Catherine Tavormina
  • Debra Marroon
  • Nicole Ey
  • Tiffany Gagliano
  • Jackie Gaillard


2015 Pacesetters

  • Kim Quimby
  • Michelle Rider
  • Doreen Brodmerkel
  • Aviva Snyder
  • Kimberly Ferracane
  • Allison Berman
  • Jennifer Borland
  • Kristine Burich
  • Nancy Proyect in honor of Alyssa Rider
  • Eileen Osterby
  • Mellany Bagtas
  • Randi Hedin

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